Chasing the Dream

baby kate
Dena with “Baby Kate”

We hope you all enjoyed this past week’s episode of Racer’s Edge featuring Gypsy Soule. The struggle of juggling life and barrel racing resonated with us and we hope it reached out to you, the viewers. This next week’s episode will have a rare look into Quarter Horse Racing – a different, but similar world compared to barrel racing.

Horses can and will break your heart, but the journey – good or bad – makes it all worth it.

The common thread that these two worlds have is the “dream”. Every horse owner is an eternal optimist when they breed a horse hoping that they will have the Cinderella story with the fairy tale ending in a championship. When you decide to breed and raise one, the possibilities are seemingly endless and it’s so fun to dream. Horses can and will break your heart, but the journey – good or bad – makes it all worth it. Dena bred her mare we all know and love, Kates Always First aka “Kate”, to Chilled Corona. This breeding was by chance through her long time friend, Chris Duke, and it opened up doors to make new connections and friendships in Silverado Stallion Station’s Will Woods and World Champion Racing Quarter Horse Champion, Dwayne “Sleepy” Gilbreath. The mare is now 2 and started in race training with the legendary “Sleepy”. There is no way of knowing what will happen to “Baby Kate” on the track, but she will be destined to become a barrel horse eventually.

Dena says chances like this, no matter how they turn out, are gifts from God and she is just thankful to be able to share the first leg of her and “Baby Kate’s” journey with all of you.

Our next episode of Racer’s Edge follows Dena as she shares her story of Kate’s special baby and her pipe dream.  The story will inevitably be continued, but this upcoming episode has us all in love with the first chapter.

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