As Good as it Gets with Lisa Lockhart

Lisa and Louie NFR ’14

Racer’s Edge will be coming to a conclusion Wednesday, August 26. We think this has been our best miniseries yet, and want to thank all our fans and viewers for the continued success. We look forward to bringing more episodes in the future! Episode 16 will feature 8X NFR Qualifier, 4X Canadian Professional Rodeo Champion, 2X RFD-TV’s The American Champion, and now is one of the first American Triple Crown contenders,  Lisa Lockhart.

Lisa and her famous buckskin mount, “Louie”, have been a fan favorite for years. This episode offers a glimpse into Lisa’s personal life, something the public has never seen before. Host Dena Kirkpatrick spends a morning with Grady and Lisa Lockhart in an intimate interview about life on the road, Louie, Las Vegas, and love.

“Team Lockhart” always comes first.

The professional rodeo life appears to be glamorous under the glow of the Las Vegas lights, but Lisa shares that the road to the NFR is a rough and windy one. She expresses that “Team Lockhart” always comes first, and most of the time she is caught racing from a rodeo to one of her three children’s ball games. It is not easy fitting everything in, but Lisa’s passion for competition and horses and the support of her family has made it all possible for her to keep following her dream. Lisa and Louie are currently leading the world standings in the barrel racing and we are excited to see what their future holds.

To top it all off, this episode will conclude with a special cameo of some leading ladies of the barrel racing world with help from Nashville singer/songwriter, Brice Long. You won’t want to miss it!

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