The Wait is Nearly Over

The long awaited return of new episodes of Racer’s Edge™ is nearly over! 

Season 2 will premiere on RFD-TV on Wednesday, July 6 at the NEW time of 8 p.m. and 12 a.m. Eastern, 7 p.m. and 11 p.m. Central. The new 13 episode series will feature a combination of barrel racing action and story telling right to your living room.

Pamela Nale00 copy

Episodes 1 and 2 will feature the Better Barrel Races 2016 World Finals Final 50! Fifty of the fastest horses in the country will compete in their qualifying order from slowest to fastest. The BBR World Finals is one of the largest events held in April every year in Oklahoma City. 2016’s BBR World Finals Open 5D saw 1,788 entries, 3,878 runs, and paid out nearly $400,000. The Final 50 featured the cream of the crop jockeys and horses from across North America. Professional barrel racers, renowned trainers, and barrel racing hobbyist all come together for this one, first-class event each year and we have the coverage you need to see.

We are ecstatic to bring our viewers this season of Racer’s Edge. It will be a harmonious blend of barrel racing action and behind the scenes topics you will only see here on Racer’s Edge. It’s an all access pass to the tribulations and triumphs that accompany our great sport. Set your DVR’s and join us for the ride.



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