Racer’s Edge with Winter Guesman

For those of us who have a love and passion for horses, we understand that they come into our lives at different times and hopefully if we are lucky, they get to stay. Some come into our lives almost at birth, and the passion is passed down from family almost as a hereditary trait. For some, horses come later in life, almost always at a serendipitous point when we need them most.

Host Dena Kirkpatrick with Winter Guesman at Henderson Saddle Association; Las Vegas

Our feature focus this week, Winter Guesman, has a story similar to growing up with horses as second nature. She grew up unconventionally on a feedlot in Idaho and as her husband describes she was, “raised by wolves” otherwise known as old cowboys who worked alongside her. She was forced to be independent and started working full time in her early teenage years. Winter did not go to school, but rather the school of hard knocks the cowboy way. She doctored cattle and other livestock, kept them fed and cared for, and rode and trained horses all day. What Winter realized later in her life, is her childhood on the feedlot prepared her for the next chapter. Now an OR Nurse at Centennial Hill Hospital and Medical Center in Las Vegas, Winter’s life is dedicated to assisting in saving lives and nurturing and caring for people in need.

We went to work with Winter at Centennial Hills Hospital and Medical Center where she is an OR Nurse


Horses and humans are alike in the way that there is an utmost importance of being understood and having needs met. Horses just can’t use words.  In a world where the lesser beautiful side of humanity is prevalent in society and everywhere we turn, horses become our sanctuary. They bring more than just companionship; they connect us with people, and create a lifestyle that provides solstice away from the hustle and bustle of school, jobs and the stresses of the everyday grind. They bring people together that would have met, go places we would otherwise not go, and truly help us find contentment.

Winter riding with her friend, Kimberly Gora, Associate Partner/Director of Catering and Sales Wolfgang Puck Fine Dining Group

Tune in along with host Dena Kirkpatrick, and meet Winter. A true inspiration and positive force both in the arena and out.

Winter’s episode will air Wednesday, September 7 at 8:00 pm Eastern on RFD-TV.


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