Finding the Keepers

Buying and selling horses…we’ve all been there. The love/hate relationship is very real. Rarely does it resemble a smooth, open highway, rather often times the process looks that of a narrow, Rocky Mountain pass.

When selling, it’s the stress of keeping your horse ready to show, the toll on your emotions, and the hardest task…finding the right rider and home with the best chance of success as a team. Buying’s difficulty is finding the horse that has all those qualities you have on your  (let’s be real, most of the time unrealistic) mental “checklist” that is hopefully….in your price range. Like buying anything else these days, narrowing down the options can be overwhelming. After all, you have to take in factors like gender, age, pedigree, color, and how broke they are. Even if you find one right off the bat, it’s hard having the confidence in the decision knowing there are several more out there. What if you miss out on something!


Jolene Montgomery 2
Jolene running at the Doxa Extreme rodeo in 2016. She is riding a BTR by Martin Saddlery. FMI on the BTR and other saddles from Martin check out the new 2017 catalog.


This season’s two-part series with Jolene Montgomery has showcased what we felt was a much-needed tutorial on this ever so common transaction that supplies the oxygen to the main vein in our industry. With a repertoire a mile long, Jolene has trained and jockeyed some of the best horses in the business in the beginning of their careers such as JL Dash Ta Heaven, MCM Ima Sharp Guy, and JL Jamaican Me Rich to name a few.   Although buying and selling horses isn’t the way she makes her living, along with her success in the arena as a jockey and trainer, she has gained expertise in the buying/selling process. She understands what a great relationship between horse and rider looks like, and we thought it would be fun to get her insight on the subject.

Jolene Montgomery’s saddle of choice is a BTR by Martin Saddlery. She also uses a Classic Equine ESP or Zone saddle pad.

After all the hassle we go through, sleepless nights even, why do we do it? We would have to say because there is no better feeling than watching someone love and compete successfully on a horse you once owned and loved or that moment when “it clicks” with your new purchase and you finally feel like a team. You can look elsewhere, but there isn’t a better feeling!

Our advice: go through Jolene’s checklist and then go with your gut. Happy horse shopping! <3

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By: Hannah Haugen

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