EP:06 Taci Bettis & Jessica Wahlert | Life’s A Smash

In Episode 6 amongst all the craziness with NFR week in Las Vegas, we were so happy to catch up with our friends Jessica Wahlert and Taci Bettis! You know Taci from the 2018 RFD-TV’s The American championship, her two trips to the Thomas & Mack and her unforgettable big bay, Smash, but what you may not realize is you know Jessica from the arena as well! Jessica is the Marketing Manager at Cinch Jeans and any arena you see a Cinch banner, you can guarantee she has a hand in what is happening there. As if she wasn’t busy enough she runs a part time equine therapy business (Excellular Therapy), is a barrel racer, and is best friends with Taci Bettis….all due to a once gangly bay colt they call Bogie Is A Smash. These two are champions in and out of the arena and we are very thankful they took time out of their busy schedules to meet with us! We know everyone will take away some wisdom from this episode, as well as some laughs!

Photo Dec 19, 4 48 03 PM
Taci & Jeremy Bettis with the Wahlert family after their Round 8 win at the 2018 WNFR!


Electro-Acuscope, Myopulse, Myoscope, and Neuroscope: A microcurrent therapy system with biofeedback capabilities and automatically adjusts internally according to the level of electrical resistance it detects in the tissue. The system has both diagnostic and therapeutic functions. –Acuscope Therapy by Animal Therapy Systems

Photo Dec 19, 4 48 13 PM.jpg
Jessica prepping Smash for an Acuscope treatment!

Taci and Smash winning the 2018 RFD-TV’s The American in the $100 Dollar Green Cinch shirt after a late night ride and the magic touch of Excellular Therapy!

the american 2018-1920.jpg
Green or grey? You be the judge! 2018 RFD-TV The American Barrel Racing Champion. Photo by Impulse Photography.

 Taci’s NFR Goal: You know Taci’s goal she mentions she has for the NFR but was too superstitious to tell? We are happy to report she got the job done! We don’t want to spoil the podcast, but we will hint it took place on Round 8!

Correction: Lolo Jones (whom Hannah compared Taci to) is an Olympic hurdler and bobsledder, not a high jumper! She recently was featured in the On Her Turf podcast.

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Smash’s Regimen

Exercise & Fitness

  • Emphasis on long trotting and exercise 6 days a week for approx. 45 min
  • Minimal pattern work


Favorite Tack

Riding Gear

Horse Profiles

Bogie Is A Smash, “Smash

smash nap
Smash in Las Vegas taking his 2:00 pm daily nap.

Drift-N-Dylan, Dylan


  • Connor McGregor, fierce and competitive. Won’t ever back down!

We hope you all enjoy this episode, we know we did! Taci and Jessica are perfect examples that with hard work, a fast horse, and the right people in your corner…anything is possible! Due to the holiday season we are going to be taking a couple week break, but we can’t wait to bring you new content in 2019. We appreciate all of you tuning in week and week out and we wish you all a Merry Christmas.

-Racer’s Edge Team

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