Season 2 Episode 7: Lisa Lockhart & An Oakie with Cash, Horse of the Decade

For those of you who listened to season one’s podcasts, welcome back! For those of you who are new, we welcome you too!

On this episode, join us as we meet up and visit with Lisa Lockhart. Lisa is a wife, mom of three and professional barrel racer. On top of her 12 National Finals Rodeo (NFR) qualifications, two NFR Average Championships and two Reserve World Championships, Lisa has won RFD-TV’s The American twice along with four Canadian Championship titles. If you know barrel racing, the name Lisa Lockhart should be more than familiar.

Something that makes Lisa unique from many is her ability to schedule time on the road with family events. Since the beginning, she has always put her role as a mother first and that makes her someone everyone can admire. Along with being mom to Alyssa, Thane and Cade, Lisa has also been the mother-figure to some pretty talented horses. She has always had a passion for horses, growing up riding her pony in the yard, and her connection with animals is evident. Listen to Lisa, Jeye and Hannah talk about life on the road, memorable moments, equipment, family, and the famous horses Lisa has rode.

Lisa’s first run on Louie at the 2018 NFR….the crowd erupted! 


Prime Diamond “Cutter”

  • 2019 RNCFR Champion
  • Lisa has had Cutter since he was two years old
  • Some saw Cutter as the underdog – he wasn’t supposed to run at the RNCFR but stepped up to the plate

Rosas Cantina CC “Rosa”

  • Round-winner at 2018 NFR
  • Lisa did not train Rosa and gives credit to Hallie Hansen and Jacque Woolman for their part in making her the horse she is today
  • Sweetest, quietest, most-loving horse on the ground but not so quiet when you’re on her back
  • Overachiever – fast, lots of try, definitely not a slacker
Lisa and Rosa
Lisa Lockhart and Rosa at the 2017 RFD-TV’s The American. Photo by Impulse Photography.

An Oakie With Cash “Louie”

  • Louie has made 83 trips down the alley at the NFR in the Thomas and Mack in Las Vegas, NV.
  • Louie’s first trip down that alley was not planned – Chisum fell during practice and Louie had to step in (He won that round and they never looked back)
  • Voted Horse with Most Heart in 2011
  • Named Horse of the Decade in 2018
  • Previously competed in reined cowhorse and working cowhorse
Rosa and Louie enjoying stopping by to see Dr. Swanson at the Littleton Equine Medical Center in Littleton, CO. Photo from Lisa Lockhart Facebook page.

Fast and Gold “Chisum”

  • Raised and bought from Time Bagnell of B Bar Heart Performance Horses in Montana
  • Helped her win a 2nd Canadian National Finals Title
  • Nicknamed after John Wayne’s horse in the movie Chisum
Louie and Chisum enjoying a little grazing time at the 2016 Calgary Stampede. Photo from Lisa Lockhart Facebook Page.

IR’s Peppys Breeze “Sterling”

  • One of the main contenders that helped Lisa qualify for the 2007 NFR
  • Won the third round of the ’07 NFR
  • Horse that Lisa won the Canadian National Finals Rodeo on making her the first American to do so!

On the Road

  • Lisa lets her horses graze a lot to keep them relaxed on the road
  • Keeps plenty of different blankets and sheets to adjust to the climate change.
  • Keeps a nice and tidy trailer!
  • Uses hay nets in the trailer, hay bags outside of it. Keeps hay in front of horses at all times!
  • Planning ahead and keeping the horses the primary focus.


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