EP 16: Christa Lafayette | Etalon Diagnostics, Accelerating Equine Genetic Discovery

Episode 16 was not only an immersive learning experience, but we also had a blast with the vibrant Christa Lafayette, a co-founder of Etalon Diagnostics.


This episode is different from all our previous as we weren’t visiting with a barrel racing professional, but rather a scientist from Silicon Valley! Christa hails from an extensive background in Biotechnology. Christa has always been a lover of horses despite not growing up with them. There came a time recently where she realized she was at a place in her life she could in fact have a horse, and her passion blossomed from there.

What’s makes up your horse?

After going through a registration process with one of her stallions getting a DNA test, Christa was disappointed with the difficulty, insufficient information, and expense of the process. With her extensive background in science and research, she had an idea to bring forth an easier, less expensive commercially funded equine genetic research project that could combine all the currently available genetic testing (color, diseases, etc) and combine it into a simple panel. She reached out to her friend, Stanford University Professor of Genetics and Founding Director, Dr. Carlos Bustamante (who happened to also own Pasa Fino horses) if this idea could hold water. He quickly agreed to join and asked Dr. Samantha Brooks to come on board as well. Dr. Brooks at the time was an assistant professor at Cornell University responsible for the Equine Biology and Management program and is an active competitor in eventing. She now is an Associate Professor at the University of Florida in Equine Physiology.

Photo L-R: Dr. Carlos Bustamante, Chuck Adams, Dr. Scott McClure (Midwest Equine PC), Dr. Beau Whittaker (https://bveh.com/), Dr. Charlie Pinkham (https://www.pinkhamequine.com/), Dr. Samantha Brooks, Christa Lafayette, Dr. Kent Allen (https://vaequine.com/) & Erica Lundquist.

Now with a dream team assembled, it was time to research. In 2015 Christa sent off her first emails out to friends and close colleagues asking for horse hair samples for a trial run…the rest is history! Etalon now has a laboratory and storefront and offers two comprehensive DNA panels at two different price points:

Sample Collection Process

To order a DNA Sample from Etalon is easy! Simply visit their website etalondx.com/services and you can order your DNA panel from there! Be sure to use code: REVIP20 for $20 off theEtalonDx DNA MiniPanel. Check out the video below to see how to collect your horse’s DNA sample.

A helpful hint: do not put the hair in a plastic bag! It can contaminate your DNA sample. Paper will not bother it!


As always we want to thank our sponsors for the podcast Classic Equine and Martin Saddlery! Be sure to check out all the new products they have for 2020 in the new online catalog.

Ep 15: Perseverance to the Pinnacle | Dona Kay Rule & Phil Haugen

We were really excited when we were able to get Dona Kay Rule and Phil Haugen together for episode fifteen. Both from Oklahoma, these two equine professionals have been longtime friends and both have had a hand in the journey of a very special horse named High Valor. This story is a great one and we appreciated having a hand in telling it!

Dona Kay Rule

w nfr 2018 night 8 final-5645
Dona Kay and Valor at the 2019 Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo. Photo by Kenneth Springer.

While some may have not known who Dona Kay was until the 2019 season upon her first NFR qualification, she has been a long time extremely successful horsewoman, barrel racing producer, horse trainer, and business owner for many years! Hailing from the small town of Minco, OK in Central Oklahoma, she has qualified to the 2019 NFR at 61 years young on her great 10 year old gelding, High Valor, she is an inspiration to all of us! Valor was also voted the 2019 Purina Horse of the Year.

Valor’s professional career took off after an unfortunate accident leaving Dona Kay’s first string horse “Juice” injured, consequently putting Valor in the position to step up to the plate. Valor was bred and raised by Lana Merrick, additionally she sent him to Phil Haugen as a two year old to start and be trained. Lana sold Valor to Dona Kay when he was five years old, and Dona Kay has dedicated the past five years to training him, seasoning him, and finishing him on the pattern. The rest…is history! We wish Dona Kay the best of luck at the 2019 NFR and we will be looking for Juice in the grand entry.


High Valor- Valiant Hero x Rare High

  • 2009 Gelding

Juicy Adventure “Juice”- Smart Like Juice x Minis Daisey May

  • 2008 Gelding

These are the runs from Valor’s first big win in Waco, TX at the D&D Barrel Race with Juice winning 2nd!

Phil Haugen

hannah h 2017-1835.jpg
Photo by Impulse Photography.

Phil Haugen has trained over 1,000 horses for the public with a training career spanning over 30 years. Based out of Weatherford, OK, horses that have gone through Phil’s training program have exceeded earnings over $1M. One of those horses in particular was High Valor. “Valor” went through Phil’s training program as a two year old while he was owned by Lana Merrick.

Phil has developed a unique training style based on his experiences in and out of the competition arena.  His training program is focused on those fundamentals and his keen understanding of how to progress a horse in its training while mentally keeping that horse in a trusting, secure and confident state of mind. Phil’s philosophy is to train through understanding and that starts with a simple, common sense approach. He does this by building a solid foundation to to help each horse reach it’s full potential by focusing on effective and proven techniques helping the horse understand the response you are asking for, which in turn builds their confidence and yields success.

Today Phil is still currently training for the public, keeps a full clinic schedule, and has started his own podcast; Be Your Best Horsemanship! It’s available across all podcast platforms.


Dona Kay


Ep 14: Ryann Pedone & Kiley Dalchow | Keeping it in Perspective

In Episode 14 we visit with PRCA Great Lakes Circuit Barrel Racing Rookie of the year, Kylie Dalchow, and professional barrel horse futurity trainer Ryann Pedone. We enjoyed getting their individual perspectives on various aspects of competition! Coming from different arenas (futurity & rodeo) and not having met prior to this interview, it was a refreshing conversation regarding horses, the sport, mental toughness, and training!

Ryann Pedone

A native of Florida, after graduating college with a finance degree Ryann moved to Texas to pursue her passion of raising and training barrel futurity horses. Ryann has had a phenomenal career raising and training many horses that have gone to the pay window. With over $1.2 Million in Equistat earnings to date, Ryann landed in the prestigious list of Top 10 Riders of the Decade. It is safe to say at the age of 35, her future looks bright.

Ryann Pedone and “Stinger” competing at the Fizz Bomb Futurity. Photo by Ollie’s Images.


Ryann currently has a horse operation with over 80 head consisting of broodmares, colts, customer horses, and her own stallion she raised and trained. Ryann stands her stud Johnny Reb Jackson, aka Jackson, at HighPoint Performance Horses. He is an outcross black stallion by Confederate Leader out of the great dam Cause For a Kiss. She will begin campaigning his babies in 2021. Jackson is a Pink Buckle and Ruby Buckle Stallion!

Feel The Sting
Dash Ta Fame x MP Meter My Hay aka ‘Stingray’, PC Frenchmans Hayday


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Ryann’s Top Reads

As mentioned in the episode, a big part of Ryann’s mental game is reading and “keeping things in perspective”. We were happy to get Ryann’s list of top reads for mental performance and her favorite nonfiction American history.

  1. The Mind Gym
  2. Relentless
  3. Outwitting the Devil
  4. Captains and the Kings by Taylor Caldwell
  5. Richest Man in Babylon
  6. George Washington and the Secret Six

Kylie Dalchow

Kylie may only be eighteen years old, but she has already had quite the barrel racing career! This year she was crowned the Great Lakes Circuit Rookie Title along with placing 7th overall in the Rookie standings. In her spare time, she creates content for her YouTube channel, where she documents her journey traveling the country and competing in professional rodeos as well as competing on young horses and outside horses. She has had a lot of success at the high school, amateur rodeo, and now at the professional level. We know her future is very bright!


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Mental Strategies

  • Controlling your thoughts
  • Visualization
  • Drawing the barrel pattern




Ep 13: Jessie Telford | Going For IT!

If you aren’t familiar with Jessie Telford, she is a professional barrel racer and 2018 WNFR Qualifier and so much more. She is also the mom to Shawny and Sierra and wife to professional Cowhorse Trainer, Jake Telford. The Telfords live and train out of Idaho. We were happy to catch up with Jessie in Texas while she was down for the NRCHA Snafflebit Futurity where she was showing her new horse ‘Ronnie’ in the Hackamore Classic. She truly can do it all! We enjoyed her visit on horsemanship, horse pedigree, what she looks for in prospects, equipment, and everything in between!

Shawny and Sierra Telford cheering on their mom, Jessie, at the 2018 WNFR. Photo by Impulse Photography.

Be sure to check out Jessie and Jake’s episode of Racer’s Edge that aired on Ride TV and is available to stream on demand on Ride TV GO. Use code RACERSEDGE for a discount.

nfr 2018 night 9 final-4998
Jessie and Cool Whip competing at the 2018 NFR. They were the Round 4 Champions. Photo by Impulse Photography.


Famous Cool Whip

    • 2011 Sorrel Gelding known as ‘Cool Whip’
    • Dash Ta Fame x Had A Kanita
    • Ran at the 2018 WNFR
    • WNFR Round 6 Champion
    • 2019 Clovis, CA Champion

Shu Fire

  • Owned by Jessie Telford & Connie McCormmach
  • 2010 mare
  • Dash of Royal Gold x Fire Water Flyer
nfr 2018 night 6 final-6171
Jessie running Shufire at the 2018 NFR. She competed on her several rounds. Photo by Impulse Photography.

Roan Olena Oak

  • Known as ‘Ronnie’
  • 2019 Standings Leader in the NRCHA Open Hackamore Division
  • 2018 Intermediate Open Snafflebit Futurity Champion ridden by Matt Koch
  • Won the Novice Non Pro Herd Work Preliminaries in the Hackamore Classic at the 2019 NRCHA Snafflebit Futurity with Jessie
  • 2020 barrel futurity prospect

Roan Olena Oak ridden by Jessie Telford – 2019 NRCHA SBF Hackamore Classic herd work from NRCHA Video on Vimeo.

What to Look for in Prospects

  • Black Type
  • Will pass on straighter hocks
  • Looks for big eyes


  • Don’t worry about what other people think
  • Have fun and surround yourself with people who make you laugh!

nfr 2018 night 9 final-3609



Book mentioned by Jeye & Hannah


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Ep 12: Kristie Peterson & Jordon Briggs| Like Mother Like Daughter

Kristie in her home in 2016 during the filming of the ‘Tribute to Bozo’ Racer’s Edge episode with all of her awards won on French Flash Hawk.

Kristie Peterson

  • 4X WPRA World Champion Barrel Racer on Bozo(1994, 1996-1997, 1998)
  • 3x WPRA Reserve World Champion (1993, 1995, 1999)
  • 5X Consecutive WNFR Barrel Racing Average Titles (1994-98)
  • 2018 Inductee into the ProRodeo Hall of Fame
  • Owner and Trainer of French Flash Hawk aka “Bozo”
  • LTE $1.5M+


  • French Flash Hawk (Caseys Charm x Sun Frost)
  • Bought for $400, became a legend in barrel racing and rodeo
  • Full brother to PC Frenchmans Hayday
  • Paternal half sibling to Frenchmans Guy
  • Goes back to Tiny Watch
  • Placed in 20 consecutive rounds of the NFR 1996-97
  • 5X AQHA Horse of the Year
  • Retired in 2004 after winning his third Rodeo Houston championship, healthy and sound at age 17
  • Peacefully passed away in 2016 at home with Kristie and Chuck. 1987-2016
AQHA trophy
Kristie and Bozo posing after another AQHA Horse of the Year award.           Photo by Kenneth Springer
bozo retired 3
French Flash Hawk enjoyed his retirement sound and happy in the pasture with the broodmares and colts.

Jordon Briggs

1-207 Jordan Peterson
Jordon and Jester competing at the 2009 WNFR. Photo by Dan Hubbell



Famous Lil Jet

  • Rope Horse and Barrel Futurity Horse
  • 3rd Place at 2019 BBR World Finals Futurity
Famous Lil Jet winning 3rd in the average at the 2019 BBR World Finals Futurity!         Photo by Pixel Worx.


  • One First Class Lady
  • Came from fellow futurity trainer, Jolene Montgomery
  • Same grand dam (Lady Perks) as Famous Lil Jet
  • Stand out futurity horse- 2019 BBR World Finals Futurity Champion
  • “Bexley’s horse”
  • 2019 Cornhusker Futurity Futurity  – Set Arena Record

2019 Better Barrel Races Barrel Futurity Champions, Jordon Briggs and One First Class Lady.

Briggs Performance Horses “Must Dos” for Success

  • Keep horses turned out (almost) 24 hours a day on free choice alfalfa & pasture
  • Ensure they have adequate time to mature
  • Rope and do other things besides barrels on all horses in training


  • Purchase Shank bit- not much gag
  • 3/4″ Classic Equine 100% Felt Pad
  • Legacy2(on fronts)
  • Bozo was a key part in the creation and testing of the original Legacy prototype in 1996– he burned through every boot on the market and the kevlar (what is used in bullet proof vests) on the fetlock cradle system was added to the design because of him!
Legacy2 by Classic Equine has a kevlar like material extending to the bottom of the boot on fetlock cradle for further protection in competition runs or training.

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EP 11: Jolene & Kerby Montgomery | Keeping a Level and Open Mind

Unless you aren’t familiar with the barrel futurity scene, you would know Jolene Montgomery has been a powerhouse in the industry for the past decade! Originally from Ohio, Jolene grew up barrel racing, riding English and Hunter Jumpers, cutters, and everything in between. With many BFA championships and countless futurity wins, Jolene has ridden some of the titans of the futurity industry including JL Dash Ta Heaven, Return of the Bully, and Martha Six Shooter to name a few. What you may not know is her husband Kerby starts all the colts and together they train some of the best barrel horses in the business! Kerby grew up roping and riding horses but went a different direction in his professional career. With the help of Jolene and his sister Molli (renowned futurity trainer) they convinced him to try his hand at training and it’s been history ever since. These two definitely compliment each other and it is no surprise they have a winning program. It was nonstop entertainment recording this episode and we learned a lot about mental preparation, mindset, and what to look for in a winner!

Jolene competing at the Edna Isabella Quarter Horses Futurity. Photo by Boaz Elkes.
Kerby team roping on “Doc”.


Sooner Superstar

  • 2007 BFA Champion

Aced My Bully

  • 2010 BFA Champion

JL Dash Ta Heaven

  • AQHA Junior Barrels World Champion
  • Old Fort Days Fort Smith Derby Champion
  • Jim Norrick Arena Record Holder, Oklahoma City, OK

Return of the Bully

  • 7X Futurity Champion

Marth SixShooter

  • BFA Juvenile Champion

JL Jamaican Me Rich

  • 2016 Dufur Quarter Horses Futurity Champion

What Montgomery’s Look for in a Prospect

  • Sensitive & “feely”
  • Good mind & open minded
  • Natural ability to move from pressure
  • Light & quick footed
  • Smooth mover
  • Tall lean build ideally, but open minded to anything that is gritty and quick
Check out more of Jolene’s tips when looking in a prospect to buy in the two part Racer’s Edge series attached at the end of the show notes.

Tips on Regaining Positivity After a Setback

  • Take 20 minutes to yourself
    • Clear the bad out- let it go
    • Think about anything and everything positive
    • Clear your mind
    • Practice Mental Strength
  • The best way to work through a set back is to get back to work and practice and get back to competing.
Kerby at work!


While Kerby doesn’t have to workout (#mustbenice), Jolene stays fit by running, training for a half marathon, and adds some cross training in the mix. Yes, we are super impressed too!




Jolene was pivotal in the design of the BTR by Martin Saddlery. They BTR is the lightest of the barrel saddles in the Martin line and has the most forward hanging fenders, sitting the rider far back in the saddle giving security without restriction. The flatter seat and secure cantle allow for quick, secure changes in riding position.

The Martin BTR is a sporty, light saddle offering balance, timing, and rhythm.

Classic Equine

Just For Fun

Jolene and Kerby are all about adventure. Here is some fun bits on some recent adventures…. playing basketball with the Bahamian locals, swimming with sharks, and hiking the Rocky Mountains. You know, what everyone does on vacation! We can’t wait to have them back on. As always, you can listen to the Racer’s Edge Podcast on iTunes, Google Podcasts, and Spotify.

If you haven’t already check out Jolene’s two-part series we did on a previous season of Racer’s Edge on what to look for when buying a horse!

EP 10: Kassie Mowry | Preparation and Mental Toughness

Kassie Mowry is listed as the Top Rider of the Decade for 2008-2018 with earnings calculating over $2M, reported by Barrel Horse News. Among countless achievements, she is an NHSRA barrel racing champion, NIRA barrel racing champion, two time NFR qualifier, BFA Futurity Champion, BFA Juvenile Champion, and the 2019 Diamonds and Dirt Futurity and Slot Race Champion just to name a short few. We loved this episode getting to revisit some iconic horses in Kassie’s early career, Kassie’s involvement with Epic Leader , and her 2019 season which has been nothing short of a roller coaster ride. Kassie is as tough as they come and an extremely knowledgeable horse woman and there is a lot to be learned from this episode!

kassie nfr night 3 dec 9-6080.jpg
Round 3 of the 2017 NFR. Kassie and Firewater Make Me Happy (Junior) set the arena record. Photo by Impulse Photography.

Dashing Dillon

  • Confederate Leader x Pass the Belle, Pass the Bars
  • Bought as a yearling primarily because of his Confederate Leader bloodlines
  • Characterized as fast and honest, “just won”
  • LTE $123,000, 2006 BFA Juvenile Futurity Champion

 FM Radio

  • Dash Ta Fame x On a Bunny, On a High. “Darling Denim”
  • Won over $60,000 his four year old futurity year
  • Characterized as very sensitive, hard working and pleasing

Epic Leader

Kassie Mowry with a young Epic Leader
Kassie Mowry and Epic Leader in 2011, he was a three year old. Photo by:
  • Confederate Leader x Firewater Fiesta, Firewater Flit
  • Co owned by Kassie and Karma Loftin
  • LTE $170,000+
  • 2012 Futurity Year:
    • 2nd Highest Money Winning Futurity Horse in the Nation
    • Old PacWest Slot Race Champion
    • BBR Finals Slot Futurity Champion
    • Ecurie 5-55 Drummond Futurity Champion
    • LG Pro Classic Slot Race Reserve Champion
  • Now owned by the Schiller Ranch, stands at Brazos Valley Stallion Station


Despite battling two different injuries within a few months of each other, Kassie still has had a stand out year thus far, with the highlight being the Diamonds and Dirt Futurity. Out of the six horses she is currently competing on, they are all by Dash Ta Fame or Epic Leader. Below are their accomplishments at the Diamonds and Dirt Futurity where she won in total nearly $80,000 at the single event!


First Round

Second Round

Final Round Aggregate

  • 1st- Dashing Canelo
  • 2nd- Epic Guy
  • 3rd- Famous Ladies Man
  • 7th- CP He Will Be Epic

Slot Race

  • 1st- Epic Guy
  • 4th- CP He Will Be Epic

Keys to Kassie’s Training Program

  • Mental Toughness
  • Awareness
  • Preparation
  • Consistency
  • Reward/Release


Can’t get enough Kassie? Check out her two part series we did in a previous season of Racer’s Edge on our YouTube Channel! As always, thank you for listening and you can find more episodes of the podcast on iTunes, Spotify, and Google Podcasts. We have two remaining episodes in Season 2 we are excited to bring you.

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EP 09: Britany Diaz | Planning, Possibilities, and Positivity

Episode 09 features the ever so talented, Britany Diaz! This 2X NFR qualifier and professional barrel horse trainer not only has a great breeding and training program with her husband Isaac (professional saddle bronc rider), but she is a new mom to daughter, Whitley Grace. We really enjoyed our visit with her and talked all things training, pedigree, and life in general. Britany radiates positivity and purpose and we know everyone can get something in this episode! Just a reminder that we are three episodes into Season 2 and our new episodes are released bi-monthly on Thursdays, check them out on iTunes, Spotify, and Google Podcasts!


Britany grew up in rural Solen, ND on a ranch. Although her family didn’t compete actively in rodeo, she quickly took to it on a little mare named Nanny. Britany credits her foundation of barrel racing to going to Mary Ketchum clinics and learning from Lisa Lockhart whom she traveled with at the beginning of her career.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



  • The start of it all for Britany and the horse she learned how to ride onNanny


“Rootie” Dasher Dude

  • Bought for $800 at a dispersal sale in North Dakota
  • Trained by Britany at college in horsemanship classes
  • Had a foal at 4 years old and started her barrel racing career after
  • 9X Badlands Circuit Finals Qualifier
  • Qualified for the NFR two times
  • 3x Canadian Finals Finalist
  • 2014 Reserve Canadian Champion
  • 2014 Canadian Horses of the year, the first horse from the US to win this title
  • 2016 ERA Top 5 finisherIMG_4677 ©www.CowboyImages.net


Britany, Isaac, and the Fleck’s (Britany’s parents) have put together a great set of broodmares over the past seven years. Although Rootie doesn’t carry, she is flushed for embryos and they even have a full sister to Rootie added to their broodmare herd. The majority of their bloodlines goes back to the stallion, Texas High Dasher.

Feed Program

Alfalfa & Coastal Hay All horses everyday
Purina Senior Equine Older horses & picky eaters
Purina Omolene 200 Higher sugar/starch for active competing performance horses
Purina Strategy Healthy Edge General feed for all horses 2 years & older
Purina Ultium Growth All colts under 2 years old
Supplements Platinum Performance CJ & Osteon


  • Sherry Cervi Diamond Short Shank Twisted Wire Dogbone
  • Simplicity Bit
  • Legacy2s
  • Standing Wraps while traveling

Just for Fun

The culprit of the snores you may or may not hear during this podcast in our very formal kitchen podcast studio, Smokey the Labradoodle and Riggs the Rescue. 🙂  IMG_3241

Thanks for tuning in! As always you can tune in on iTunes, Spotify, and Google Podcasts.

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EP 08: Sherry Cervi | Mind in the Middle

It’s always a fun time when we get to visit with Sherry and we hope you learn as much as we did from this conversation. Expect to learn tips for improving your mental game as we discuss stories from the rodeo road and the horses that helped Sherry become rodeo’s winningest cowgirl. Along with the podcast, be sure to catch today’s Racer’s Edge episode with Sherry Cervi on RIDE TV. It will first air Thursday, April 18 at 9:00 PM ET and 12:00 AM ET, so set your DVRs! If you’re on your phone, tablet or streaming device, use promo code “RACERSEDGE” for a discount on RIDE TV GO.

For those who don’t know, Sherry Cervi is a four-time world champion barrel racer, three-time average champion, and has qualified for the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo a total of 19 times. Though the duo of Sherry and Stingray is well-known in the barrel racing community, many are unaware of the horses behind the success we see today. If you missed her the first time around, be sure to go back and listen to our Season One podcast with Sherry Cervi and Jane Fambro.



  • Carried Cervi to several PRCA wins her senior year of high school
  • Bought Danish from Martha Wright

Sir Double Delight “Troubles”

  • 1985 gelding
  • Purchased by Cervi’s in 1994
  • Qualified Sherry to her first NFR in 1994 and helped win her first world title in 1995

Jet Royal Speed – “Hawk”

Sherry and “Hawk” competing at the 1998 NFR. Photo by Hubbel Rodeo Photos.
  • 1984 gelding
  • 1999-2000 WPRA Horse with the Most Heart
  • Helped win world titles in 1995 and 1999 as well as NFR average in 1999
  • Taught Sherry the true meaning behind being mentally tough

PC Frenchmans Hayday – “Dinero”

32 Sherry Cervi-hubbell_sm
Sherry Cervi competing on Dinero at the Pendleton Round-Up. Photo by Hubbel Rodeo Photos.
  • 1995 Palomino Stallion
  • Lifetime earnings of over $400,000
  • Sire to many NFR qualifiers including “Stingray” and Hailey Kinsel’s “Sister
  • Full sibling to Kristie Peterson’s legendary “Bozo

BC Tinman – “Tinman”

Sherry competing at the 2005 NFR on “Tin Man”. Photo by Hubbel Rodeo Photos.
  • 1993 gelding
  • Along with Dinero, Tinman packed Sherry to several NFR qualifications

MP Meter My Hay – “Stingray”

Sherry and Stingray competing at the Calgary Stampede in 2017. Photo by Covy Moore.
  • 2002 mare
  • Fun fact: Stingray’s Dam is a 3/4 sister to Hawk
  • Not only is Stingray one of the greatest barrel racing horses of all time, she is also a nice heel horse in the team roping
  • Key player in Sherry’s record-setting $3.2 million in ProRodeo earnings
  • Carried Sherry to 2010 and 2013 WPRA world titles
  • Voted Horse with the Most Heart in 2013, runner-up in 2010 and tied for the title in 2011

Mental Toughness

  • Go with you gut feeling
  • Don’t over-analyze the situation
  • Once you make a decision, stick with it. Never second guess yourself.
  • Be prepared
  • Be consistent as a rider
  • You can make mistakes and still be fast – don’t give up
  • Don’t let outside elements dictate your mental game
  • Worry only about the things you can control
  • Surround yourself with positive people
  • Set goals and stay hooked
  • If you struggle to stay motivated, surround yourself with people who push you

Staying Focused

Prior to her runs, Sherry reminds herself to keep her mind in the middle and get her horse to the spot. Along with this, if she gets nervous, she wiggles her toes to relax her body and take her mind off of the stress involved with competition.

Funny Stories

Listen to Sherry in this podcast to hear the funniest and strangest stories that have happened to her on the rodeo road. Once you listen to them, you’ll understand the importance of being mentally tough and having the ability to “stay hooked” regardless of the hand you’re dealt. In response to her stories on the road, Sherry’s advice to anyone listening is to lock things up while travelling. You never know who might take your saddle, your gold buckle, your video camera or even your trailer!

Thanks for tuning in to Racer’s Edge podcast on iTunes, Spotify and Google Podcasts. Don’t forget to follow and watch our episodes on RIDE TV as well. Stay tuned and follow us on social media to watch for upcoming Racer’s Edge content.

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Season 2 Episode 7: Lisa Lockhart & An Oakie with Cash, Horse of the Decade

For those of you who listened to season one’s podcasts, welcome back! For those of you who are new, we welcome you too!

On this episode, join us as we meet up and visit with Lisa Lockhart. Lisa is a wife, mom of three and professional barrel racer. On top of her 12 National Finals Rodeo (NFR) qualifications, two NFR Average Championships and two Reserve World Championships, Lisa has won RFD-TV’s The American twice along with four Canadian Championship titles. If you know barrel racing, the name Lisa Lockhart should be more than familiar.

Something that makes Lisa unique from many is her ability to schedule time on the road with family events. Since the beginning, she has always put her role as a mother first and that makes her someone everyone can admire. Along with being mom to Alyssa, Thane and Cade, Lisa has also been the mother-figure to some pretty talented horses. She has always had a passion for horses, growing up riding her pony in the yard, and her connection with animals is evident. Listen to Lisa, Jeye and Hannah talk about life on the road, memorable moments, equipment, family, and the famous horses Lisa has rode.

Lisa’s first run on Louie at the 2018 NFR….the crowd erupted! 


Prime Diamond “Cutter”

  • 2019 RNCFR Champion
  • Lisa has had Cutter since he was two years old
  • Some saw Cutter as the underdog – he wasn’t supposed to run at the RNCFR but stepped up to the plate

Rosas Cantina CC “Rosa”

  • Round-winner at 2018 NFR
  • Lisa did not train Rosa and gives credit to Hallie Hansen and Jacque Woolman for their part in making her the horse she is today
  • Sweetest, quietest, most-loving horse on the ground but not so quiet when you’re on her back
  • Overachiever – fast, lots of try, definitely not a slacker
Lisa and Rosa
Lisa Lockhart and Rosa at the 2017 RFD-TV’s The American. Photo by Impulse Photography.

An Oakie With Cash “Louie”

  • Louie has made 83 trips down the alley at the NFR in the Thomas and Mack in Las Vegas, NV.
  • Louie’s first trip down that alley was not planned – Chisum fell during practice and Louie had to step in (He won that round and they never looked back)
  • Voted Horse with Most Heart in 2011
  • Named Horse of the Decade in 2018
  • Previously competed in reined cowhorse and working cowhorse
Rosa and Louie enjoying stopping by to see Dr. Swanson at the Littleton Equine Medical Center in Littleton, CO. Photo from Lisa Lockhart Facebook page.

Fast and Gold “Chisum”

  • Raised and bought from Time Bagnell of B Bar Heart Performance Horses in Montana
  • Helped her win a 2nd Canadian National Finals Title
  • Nicknamed after John Wayne’s horse in the movie Chisum
Louie and Chisum enjoying a little grazing time at the 2016 Calgary Stampede. Photo from Lisa Lockhart Facebook Page.

IR’s Peppys Breeze “Sterling”

  • One of the main contenders that helped Lisa qualify for the 2007 NFR
  • Won the third round of the ’07 NFR
  • Horse that Lisa won the Canadian National Finals Rodeo on making her the first American to do so!

On the Road

  • Lisa lets her horses graze a lot to keep them relaxed on the road
  • Keeps plenty of different blankets and sheets to adjust to the climate change.
  • Keeps a nice and tidy trailer!
  • Uses hay nets in the trailer, hay bags outside of it. Keeps hay in front of horses at all times!
  • Planning ahead and keeping the horses the primary focus.


For Contact:

Hannah Haugen, Public Relations Coordinator


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