Always Have A Plan

As barrel racers, we are pretty accustomed to late night drives, a trailer full of horses, and our only travel partner being a small fuzzy dog or maybe no one at all. As independent as we all are, it’s rare that you talk to someone that hasn’t been in an uncomfortable situation while traveling. Whether that be at a truck stop late at night, or on the side of the road with a flat tire, unfortunately the nature of the beast of barrel racing exposes you to these situations from time to time.


Racer’s Edge invited back special guest, Joshua Morton, owner/trainer of Canine Tactical for some insight on being aware of our surroundings and suggestions on how to avoid uncomfortable or potentially dangerous travel situations. Joshua’s expertise comes serving more than eight years as a United States Navy SEAL and Canine Operator.


He served during five deployments in Iraq and has extensive first-hand experience on numerous missions. Joshua now trains police and home protection dogs, plus civilian tactical courses.




Former NFR Qualifer, Terra Bynum joins our host Dena Kirkpatrick and horse trainer, Teri George to spend a day with Joshua. He helped put things into perspective and pointed out many safety measures that most people take for granted. Joshua stressed to the girls to have a plan! It’s harder to be a victim of an attack if you are prepared and aware of your surroundings. In a world where we are engulfed in social media and technology, it is easy to let distractions compromise our awareness.


The day’s subject matter was serious, but not short on laughs. Teaching Terra the art of the “Throat Punch” was something to be bestowed. Our only regret is that Racer’s Edge is just 30 minutes in length. On behalf of all of us here at Racer’s Edge, Dena, Terra, Teri and all of the passionate Patriots in and outside of the barrel pen – Thank Joshua Morton for your years of service – past, present and future! We had a great day.


Orange Police Dept. and Franklin County Sheriffs Office hosting Canine Tactical seminar.

Racer’s Edge episode with Joshua Morton airs Wednesday, September 21st at 8:00PM & 12:00AM Eastern Standard Time on RFD-TV.





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If the Shoe Fits

One of the most respected and sucessful event professionals in the nation, Kimberly Gora, changes from her corporate high heels into her boots every night to ride and compete on “Sixx”

If you tuned in last week for our episode with Winter Guesman, you got a sneak peak at our subject of this week’s episode, Kimberly Gora. As we learned, Kimberly and Winter met through a horse and like Winter, Kimberly leads a double life, one in the corporate world and one in the arena.

Kimberly Gora riding with friend Winter Guesman at Henderson Saddle Club

Host Dena Kirkpatrick and Kimberly became acquaintances when she attended a clinic of Dena’s last year. Kimberly’s story is very unique, unlike anyone’s we have told on the show before. She did not grow up around horses, in fact her first encounter with the sport of barrel racing was at age 40.

Dena Kirkpatrick with Kimberly at Spago in Las Vegas

Kimberly grew up in Huntington Beach, California on the sand far from the dirt of a rodeo arena. After finding her way to her career in hospitality and events, Kimberly found herself uprooting her life from California and moving to the bright lights of Vegas to take the Assistant Director of Conference Services/ Catering Sales position with the opulent Caesars Palace®. From her leadership and success in that position, Kimberly was given the opportunity to go on board with the Wolfgang Puck Restaurant Group in 1999, and the rest is history. Now an Associate Partner and Director of Catering and Sales, Kimberly has conducted intimate affairs to extravagant galas for the most elite, VIP clientele in the world from Presidents, professional sports teams, to Forbes A-list billionaires. Whatever Kimberly has set her mind to, she has accomplished ten fold, and that determination is  transferring over to her barrel racing as well.

Kimberly Gora with Wolfgang Puck Fine Dining Group Executive Chef, Eric Klein
Spago- first restaurant opened by Wolfgang Puck in Las Vegas in 1999

After accompanying her Grandfather to the races as a kid, she became enamored with horses but had never had the opportunity at any hands on experience. She starting riding lessons just 6 short years ago, and like most of us, Kimberly was hooked. Not knowing how to saddle or drive a truck and trailer at first, Kimberly challenged herself and dove in head first. She has had a couple of step-up horses who taught her a lot. But now she owns an open rodeo horse, “Sixx”, whom she competes on at jackpots and rodeos.

Kimberly with “Sixx”

One of the great aspects of barrel racing discussed in Kimberly’s episode, is that no matter what walk of life we come from, everyday presents a challenge. We are either challenging ourselves as riders or our horses to be at the best of our ability, and most of the time we are working on both simultaneously. We all share a common thread of competitiveness and passion. For some, our passion was cultivated at a young age innately, and for some it was found later in life by happenstance. The love of horses brings something into one’s life you cannot explain in words. It becomes apart of who you are and your existence and I think we all can vouch that horses have helped us trust and build confidence in ourselves in ways we didn’t even know we needed. It’s an everyday commitment and provides a constant in the hectic lives we lead. That’s why we love Kimberly’s story so much, she came by the sport unconventionally and is successful in a demanding career in the city, but shares the same love and passion that we all feel for the sport and our horses. She is all in, all the time… and we’d have to argue there is no better way to be!


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Racer’s Edge with Winter Guesman

For those of us who have a love and passion for horses, we understand that they come into our lives at different times and hopefully if we are lucky, they get to stay. Some come into our lives almost at birth, and the passion is passed down from family almost as a hereditary trait. For some, horses come later in life, almost always at a serendipitous point when we need them most.

Host Dena Kirkpatrick with Winter Guesman at Henderson Saddle Association; Las Vegas

Our feature focus this week, Winter Guesman, has a story similar to growing up with horses as second nature. She grew up unconventionally on a feedlot in Idaho and as her husband describes she was, “raised by wolves” otherwise known as old cowboys who worked alongside her. She was forced to be independent and started working full time in her early teenage years. Winter did not go to school, but rather the school of hard knocks the cowboy way. She doctored cattle and other livestock, kept them fed and cared for, and rode and trained horses all day. What Winter realized later in her life, is her childhood on the feedlot prepared her for the next chapter. Now an OR Nurse at Centennial Hill Hospital and Medical Center in Las Vegas, Winter’s life is dedicated to assisting in saving lives and nurturing and caring for people in need.

We went to work with Winter at Centennial Hills Hospital and Medical Center where she is an OR Nurse


Horses and humans are alike in the way that there is an utmost importance of being understood and having needs met. Horses just can’t use words.  In a world where the lesser beautiful side of humanity is prevalent in society and everywhere we turn, horses become our sanctuary. They bring more than just companionship; they connect us with people, and create a lifestyle that provides solstice away from the hustle and bustle of school, jobs and the stresses of the everyday grind. They bring people together that would have met, go places we would otherwise not go, and truly help us find contentment.

Winter riding with her friend, Kimberly Gora, Associate Partner/Director of Catering and Sales Wolfgang Puck Fine Dining Group

Tune in along with host Dena Kirkpatrick, and meet Winter. A true inspiration and positive force both in the arena and out.

Winter’s episode will air Wednesday, September 7 at 8:00 pm Eastern on RFD-TV.


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Racer’s Edge with Jayci Byler

Jayci WordPress


This week we are excited to introduce a special twelve year old cowgirl by the name of Jayci Byler. Jayci is no stranger to the pay window; she has a long list of achievements in her short life, longer than most ever have had in their lifetime career. In 2015 she won the AQHA Youth World Championship in Oklahoma City, the Myers Performance Horse Youth Futurity championship, and this year she won the 2016 Texas State All-Around title, state champion barrel racer, and state champion pole bender. She then went on to the National Junior High Finals Rodeo in Lebanon, TN and won the National Barrel Racing title.She has won a total of 126 buckles and 24 trophy saddles.But that’s not what this story is all about.

On the outside, Jayci seems serious and shy, a counter to her twin brother Blaze who can do the talking for her. At barrel races she often can be found reading a book by her horse’s stall while other kids are running around playing. We filmed the episode at her family’s home in Belleville, TX. Jayci’s mom and dad, Kimmi and Jesse, own and operate Byler Performance Equine – an aquatic conditioning and rehab facility. The Byler’s take in horses of all disciplines to swim and help condition or rehab them from an injury. The time and effort put into this business is immense and it shows by the immaculate environment and the improvement the horses make during their stay. The nurturing environment Jayci was raised in clearly has helped her to be the horsewoman she is today. I think we were most impressed with Jayci’s quiet confidence; it was evident in her horsemanship and in her horse’s respect for her. One could argue this is one of the most valuable skills to have in horsemanship and what helps you crossover from horse to horse.

At the end of the day, in today’s world, it was completely endearing to be around a 12 year old girl who just loved her animals. Her herd includes several horses, show goats, and a jack russell and pretty much anything in between. In the barrel racing world today that feels like a constant race with bloodlines, breeding, horse sales, big money, and all the complexities that come with it, at the end of the day it’s important to remember the 12 year old we have inside of us that wants to just loves our horse.

Jayci’s episode will air Wednesday, August 31 at 8:00 pm Eastern on RFD-TV.



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A Tribute to a Legacy

The names Kristie Peterson and Bozo (French Flash Hawk) may be synonymous with the past in barrel racing, but what they did for the future of the sport has proven to be insurmountable.

AQHA trophy.jpg

It’s easy to argue that the only bad thing about horses is they can’t live forever, and the barrel racing world felt the pain the day we all got word of the legend Bozo moving on to greener pastures. Bozo was a pioneer in transposing success from the futurities to the professional rodeo world. The horse out of Sun Frost and Casey’s Charm, who was bought humbly for $400, would become a legend. He was just a winner; it was as simple as that.

bozo retired 3.jpg

For eight years the Peterson’s and Bozo were on the professional rodeo trail and even though they were known for light travel, made themselves  household names at the Cheyenne Frontier Days, the Calgary Stampede, the Dodge City Round Up, and the elusive National Finals Rodeo to name a few. In 1993 Kristie and Bozo made their first NFR and won their first world title of four in 1994. Bozo and Kristie placed in 10 consecutive rounds at the NFR in ’96-97 and won five straight average titles starting in ’94. The tougher the conditions the brighter Bozo shined. The horse rarely took a wrong step and was sound his whole career, unheard of in this era of barrel racing.

His success also contributed tremendously to his full brother, PC Frenchmans Hayday, and his half- brother, Frenchmans Guy’s, breeding careers that have become household names. Their progeny are some of the most sought out bloodlines in the performance horse industry.

This week’s Racer’s Edge is all about paying homage to Bozo and Kristie and telling their story of love, endurance, and success. Tune in Wednesday, July 20 to RFD-TV at 8:00 p.m. Eastern to ride along side us.


Hannah Haugen

The Wait is Nearly Over

The long awaited return of new episodes of Racer’s Edge™ is nearly over! 

Season 2 will premiere on RFD-TV on Wednesday, July 6 at the NEW time of 8 p.m. and 12 a.m. Eastern, 7 p.m. and 11 p.m. Central. The new 13 episode series will feature a combination of barrel racing action and story telling right to your living room.

Pamela Nale00 copy

Episodes 1 and 2 will feature the Better Barrel Races 2016 World Finals Final 50! Fifty of the fastest horses in the country will compete in their qualifying order from slowest to fastest. The BBR World Finals is one of the largest events held in April every year in Oklahoma City. 2016’s BBR World Finals Open 5D saw 1,788 entries, 3,878 runs, and paid out nearly $400,000. The Final 50 featured the cream of the crop jockeys and horses from across North America. Professional barrel racers, renowned trainers, and barrel racing hobbyist all come together for this one, first-class event each year and we have the coverage you need to see.

We are ecstatic to bring our viewers this season of Racer’s Edge. It will be a harmonious blend of barrel racing action and behind the scenes topics you will only see here on Racer’s Edge. It’s an all access pass to the tribulations and triumphs that accompany our great sport. Set your DVR’s and join us for the ride.



Racer’s Edge Introduces ‘Dark Horse’ by Brice Long

You know Brice Long as the co-host of RFD-TV’s weekly Western Sports Weekly, but what you may not know is Brice is a renowned Nashville songwriter.

Out of college, Brice was signed to Reba McEntire’s publishing company Starstruck, and has been producing hits ever since. He has written chart toppers like “Nothing On but the Radio” and “Today” for Gary Allan, “Anything Goes” and “Like a Cowboy” for Randy Houser, “Let’s Don’t Call it a Night” for Casey James and numerous others for stars like Garth Brooks, Reba McEntire, John Michael Montgomery, Laura Bell Bundy, Josh Turner, and more. Brice has a self-titled album of his own and has even performed at the Grand Ole Opry.

Dark Horse: A somewhat unknown person or thing {horse in our case} that emerges to prominence and exceeds all expectations of the others in a competition.

When Brice isn’t performing, hosting, or writing, he is team roping! The western industry is a special place because of the relationships our horses and events often facilitate. For many years Brice has been a close friend in the industry and after a few talks about launching Racer’s Edge for the first time, the idea of the song “Dark Horse” came about. The “barrel racer”, whether they are from the country or the city, is a unique individual who isn’t afraid to blaze their own trail and in their own right is a “dark horse”. Brice’s song celebrates every aspect of what it means to be a barrel racer and the spirit of the sport. The music video for Dark Horse will premiere Wednesday, exclusively on Racer’s Edge at 7:30 PM CST/ 8:30PM EST and 11:30PM CST/ 12:30AM EST on RFD-TV right before Western Sports Weekly. It will feature some familiar faces of past Racer’s Edge episodes and is an absolute must see!

As Good as it Gets with Lisa Lockhart

Lisa and Louie NFR ’14

Racer’s Edge will be coming to a conclusion Wednesday, August 26. We think this has been our best miniseries yet, and want to thank all our fans and viewers for the continued success. We look forward to bringing more episodes in the future! Episode 16 will feature 8X NFR Qualifier, 4X Canadian Professional Rodeo Champion, 2X RFD-TV’s The American Champion, and now is one of the first American Triple Crown contenders,  Lisa Lockhart.

Lisa and her famous buckskin mount, “Louie”, have been a fan favorite for years. This episode offers a glimpse into Lisa’s personal life, something the public has never seen before. Host Dena Kirkpatrick spends a morning with Grady and Lisa Lockhart in an intimate interview about life on the road, Louie, Las Vegas, and love.

“Team Lockhart” always comes first.

The professional rodeo life appears to be glamorous under the glow of the Las Vegas lights, but Lisa shares that the road to the NFR is a rough and windy one. She expresses that “Team Lockhart” always comes first, and most of the time she is caught racing from a rodeo to one of her three children’s ball games. It is not easy fitting everything in, but Lisa’s passion for competition and horses and the support of her family has made it all possible for her to keep following her dream. Lisa and Louie are currently leading the world standings in the barrel racing and we are excited to see what their future holds.

To top it all off, this episode will conclude with a special cameo of some leading ladies of the barrel racing world with help from Nashville singer/songwriter, Brice Long. You won’t want to miss it!

Trust, Confidence, and Feel

M Facebook NFR
Madison at the National Finals Rodeo

No matter the discipline, these three words are key to riding and training horses. Next week’s episode will feature  the talented 4X NFR Contract Trick Rider Madison MacDonald, and her perspective on the importance of these elements in her discipline, while Dena translates it into barrel racing.

Madison grew up in Canada and not only has a background in trick riding, but grew up competing in roping, goat tying, pole bending, and barrel racing as well. She qualified three times for the National High School Finals and needs no introduction of being an all-around hand. She opened the NFR four years ago at the age of 18, and has been back every year since. Being in the discipline she is, communication is at the forefront of everything she does. Madison’s horses each have their special talents, and she has had to learn to best communicate with each of them and adapt to their unique personalities. Host Dena Kirkpatrick relates this directly with the different strengths and weaknesses each barrel horse has, and how important it is to build your foundation around their individual talent.

“It is so important to find a horses particular strong suit because it can take them from being average to great.” -Dena Kirkpatrick

Madison has the unique platform of competing only with herself to fuel her passion of performing for a crowd. This is an interesting concept to think about in terms of today’s barrel racing culture where the primary focus is on ourselves, our horses, and the physical elements of the competition. This episode creates a unique connection between two sports rarely recognized, but from the same background with the synonymous mission of entertaining and pleasing the masses of rodeo fans. It’s because of our rodeo’s producers, specialty acts like Madison, and the athletes themselves all working together that rodeo spectators are able to enjoy the show.  It takes everyone to keep the sport we love alive and thriving.

Chasing the Dream

baby kate
Dena with “Baby Kate”

We hope you all enjoyed this past week’s episode of Racer’s Edge featuring Gypsy Soule. The struggle of juggling life and barrel racing resonated with us and we hope it reached out to you, the viewers. This next week’s episode will have a rare look into Quarter Horse Racing – a different, but similar world compared to barrel racing.

Horses can and will break your heart, but the journey – good or bad – makes it all worth it.

The common thread that these two worlds have is the “dream”. Every horse owner is an eternal optimist when they breed a horse hoping that they will have the Cinderella story with the fairy tale ending in a championship. When you decide to breed and raise one, the possibilities are seemingly endless and it’s so fun to dream. Horses can and will break your heart, but the journey – good or bad – makes it all worth it. Dena bred her mare we all know and love, Kates Always First aka “Kate”, to Chilled Corona. This breeding was by chance through her long time friend, Chris Duke, and it opened up doors to make new connections and friendships in Silverado Stallion Station’s Will Woods and World Champion Racing Quarter Horse Champion, Dwayne “Sleepy” Gilbreath. The mare is now 2 and started in race training with the legendary “Sleepy”. There is no way of knowing what will happen to “Baby Kate” on the track, but she will be destined to become a barrel horse eventually.

Dena says chances like this, no matter how they turn out, are gifts from God and she is just thankful to be able to share the first leg of her and “Baby Kate’s” journey with all of you.

Our next episode of Racer’s Edge follows Dena as she shares her story of Kate’s special baby and her pipe dream.  The story will inevitably be continued, but this upcoming episode has us all in love with the first chapter.