EP 16: Christa Lafayette | Etalon Diagnostics, Accelerating Equine Genetic Discovery

Episode 16 was not only an immersive learning experience, but we also had a blast with the vibrant Christa Lafayette, a co-founder of Etalon Diagnostics.


This episode is different from all our previous as we weren’t visiting with a barrel racing professional, but rather a scientist from Silicon Valley! Christa hails from an extensive background in Biotechnology. Christa has always been a lover of horses despite not growing up with them. There came a time recently where she realized she was at a place in her life she could in fact have a horse, and her passion blossomed from there.

What’s makes up your horse?

After going through a registration process with one of her stallions getting a DNA test, Christa was disappointed with the difficulty, insufficient information, and expense of the process. With her extensive background in science and research, she had an idea to bring forth an easier, less expensive commercially funded equine genetic research project that could combine all the currently available genetic testing (color, diseases, etc) and combine it into a simple panel. She reached out to her friend, Stanford University Professor of Genetics and Founding Director, Dr. Carlos Bustamante (who happened to also own Pasa Fino horses) if this idea could hold water. He quickly agreed to join and asked Dr. Samantha Brooks to come on board as well. Dr. Brooks at the time was an assistant professor at Cornell University responsible for the Equine Biology and Management program and is an active competitor in eventing. She now is an Associate Professor at the University of Florida in Equine Physiology.

Photo L-R: Dr. Carlos Bustamante, Chuck Adams, Dr. Scott McClure (Midwest Equine PC), Dr. Beau Whittaker (https://bveh.com/), Dr. Charlie Pinkham (https://www.pinkhamequine.com/), Dr. Samantha Brooks, Christa Lafayette, Dr. Kent Allen (https://vaequine.com/) & Erica Lundquist.

Now with a dream team assembled, it was time to research. In 2015 Christa sent off her first emails out to friends and close colleagues asking for horse hair samples for a trial run…the rest is history! Etalon now has a laboratory and storefront and offers two comprehensive DNA panels at two different price points:

Sample Collection Process

To order a DNA Sample from Etalon is easy! Simply visit their website etalondx.com/services and you can order your DNA panel from there! Be sure to use code: REVIP20 for $20 off theEtalonDx DNA MiniPanel. Check out the video below to see how to collect your horse’s DNA sample.

A helpful hint: do not put the hair in a plastic bag! It can contaminate your DNA sample. Paper will not bother it!


As always we want to thank our sponsors for the podcast Classic Equine and Martin Saddlery! Be sure to check out all the new products they have for 2020 in the new online catalog.

Ep 14: Ryann Pedone & Kiley Dalchow | Keeping it in Perspective

In Episode 14 we visit with PRCA Great Lakes Circuit Barrel Racing Rookie of the year, Kylie Dalchow, and professional barrel horse futurity trainer Ryann Pedone. We enjoyed getting their individual perspectives on various aspects of competition! Coming from different arenas (futurity & rodeo) and not having met prior to this interview, it was a refreshing conversation regarding horses, the sport, mental toughness, and training!

Ryann Pedone

A native of Florida, after graduating college with a finance degree Ryann moved to Texas to pursue her passion of raising and training barrel futurity horses. Ryann has had a phenomenal career raising and training many horses that have gone to the pay window. With over $1.2 Million in Equistat earnings to date, Ryann landed in the prestigious list of Top 10 Riders of the Decade. It is safe to say at the age of 35, her future looks bright.

Ryann Pedone and “Stinger” competing at the Fizz Bomb Futurity. Photo by Ollie’s Images.


Ryann currently has a horse operation with over 80 head consisting of broodmares, colts, customer horses, and her own stallion she raised and trained. Ryann stands her stud Johnny Reb Jackson, aka Jackson, at HighPoint Performance Horses. He is an outcross black stallion by Confederate Leader out of the great dam Cause For a Kiss. She will begin campaigning his babies in 2021. Jackson is a Pink Buckle and Ruby Buckle Stallion!

Feel The Sting
Dash Ta Fame x MP Meter My Hay aka ‘Stingray’, PC Frenchmans Hayday


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Ryann’s Top Reads

As mentioned in the episode, a big part of Ryann’s mental game is reading and “keeping things in perspective”. We were happy to get Ryann’s list of top reads for mental performance and her favorite nonfiction American history.

  1. The Mind Gym
  2. Relentless
  3. Outwitting the Devil
  4. Captains and the Kings by Taylor Caldwell
  5. Richest Man in Babylon
  6. George Washington and the Secret Six

Kylie Dalchow

Kylie may only be eighteen years old, but she has already had quite the barrel racing career! This year she was crowned the Great Lakes Circuit Rookie Title along with placing 7th overall in the Rookie standings. In her spare time, she creates content for her YouTube channel, where she documents her journey traveling the country and competing in professional rodeos as well as competing on young horses and outside horses. She has had a lot of success at the high school, amateur rodeo, and now at the professional level. We know her future is very bright!


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Mental Strategies

  • Controlling your thoughts
  • Visualization
  • Drawing the barrel pattern




Ep 13: Jessie Telford | Going For IT!

If you aren’t familiar with Jessie Telford, she is a professional barrel racer and 2018 WNFR Qualifier and so much more. She is also the mom to Shawny and Sierra and wife to professional Cowhorse Trainer, Jake Telford. The Telfords live and train out of Idaho. We were happy to catch up with Jessie in Texas while she was down for the NRCHA Snafflebit Futurity where she was showing her new horse ‘Ronnie’ in the Hackamore Classic. She truly can do it all! We enjoyed her visit on horsemanship, horse pedigree, what she looks for in prospects, equipment, and everything in between!

Shawny and Sierra Telford cheering on their mom, Jessie, at the 2018 WNFR. Photo by Impulse Photography.

Be sure to check out Jessie and Jake’s episode of Racer’s Edge that aired on Ride TV and is available to stream on demand on Ride TV GO. Use code RACERSEDGE for a discount.

nfr 2018 night 9 final-4998
Jessie and Cool Whip competing at the 2018 NFR. They were the Round 4 Champions. Photo by Impulse Photography.


Famous Cool Whip

    • 2011 Sorrel Gelding known as ‘Cool Whip’
    • Dash Ta Fame x Had A Kanita
    • Ran at the 2018 WNFR
    • WNFR Round 6 Champion
    • 2019 Clovis, CA Champion

Shu Fire

  • Owned by Jessie Telford & Connie McCormmach
  • 2010 mare
  • Dash of Royal Gold x Fire Water Flyer
nfr 2018 night 6 final-6171
Jessie running Shufire at the 2018 NFR. She competed on her several rounds. Photo by Impulse Photography.

Roan Olena Oak

  • Known as ‘Ronnie’
  • 2019 Standings Leader in the NRCHA Open Hackamore Division
  • 2018 Intermediate Open Snafflebit Futurity Champion ridden by Matt Koch
  • Won the Novice Non Pro Herd Work Preliminaries in the Hackamore Classic at the 2019 NRCHA Snafflebit Futurity with Jessie
  • 2020 barrel futurity prospect

Roan Olena Oak ridden by Jessie Telford – 2019 NRCHA SBF Hackamore Classic herd work from NRCHA Video on Vimeo.

What to Look for in Prospects

  • Black Type
  • Will pass on straighter hocks
  • Looks for big eyes


  • Don’t worry about what other people think
  • Have fun and surround yourself with people who make you laugh!

nfr 2018 night 9 final-3609



Book mentioned by Jeye & Hannah


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Hannah Haugen, Public Relations Coordinator

EP 11: Jolene & Kerby Montgomery | Keeping a Level and Open Mind

Unless you aren’t familiar with the barrel futurity scene, you would know Jolene Montgomery has been a powerhouse in the industry for the past decade! Originally from Ohio, Jolene grew up barrel racing, riding English and Hunter Jumpers, cutters, and everything in between. With many BFA championships and countless futurity wins, Jolene has ridden some of the titans of the futurity industry including JL Dash Ta Heaven, Return of the Bully, and Martha Six Shooter to name a few. What you may not know is her husband Kerby starts all the colts and together they train some of the best barrel horses in the business! Kerby grew up roping and riding horses but went a different direction in his professional career. With the help of Jolene and his sister Molli (renowned futurity trainer) they convinced him to try his hand at training and it’s been history ever since. These two definitely compliment each other and it is no surprise they have a winning program. It was nonstop entertainment recording this episode and we learned a lot about mental preparation, mindset, and what to look for in a winner!

Jolene competing at the Edna Isabella Quarter Horses Futurity. Photo by Boaz Elkes.
Kerby team roping on “Doc”.


Sooner Superstar

  • 2007 BFA Champion

Aced My Bully

  • 2010 BFA Champion

JL Dash Ta Heaven

  • AQHA Junior Barrels World Champion
  • Old Fort Days Fort Smith Derby Champion
  • Jim Norrick Arena Record Holder, Oklahoma City, OK

Return of the Bully

  • 7X Futurity Champion

Marth SixShooter

  • BFA Juvenile Champion

JL Jamaican Me Rich

  • 2016 Dufur Quarter Horses Futurity Champion

What Montgomery’s Look for in a Prospect

  • Sensitive & “feely”
  • Good mind & open minded
  • Natural ability to move from pressure
  • Light & quick footed
  • Smooth mover
  • Tall lean build ideally, but open minded to anything that is gritty and quick
Check out more of Jolene’s tips when looking in a prospect to buy in the two part Racer’s Edge series attached at the end of the show notes.

Tips on Regaining Positivity After a Setback

  • Take 20 minutes to yourself
    • Clear the bad out- let it go
    • Think about anything and everything positive
    • Clear your mind
    • Practice Mental Strength
  • The best way to work through a set back is to get back to work and practice and get back to competing.
Kerby at work!


While Kerby doesn’t have to workout (#mustbenice), Jolene stays fit by running, training for a half marathon, and adds some cross training in the mix. Yes, we are super impressed too!




Jolene was pivotal in the design of the BTR by Martin Saddlery. They BTR is the lightest of the barrel saddles in the Martin line and has the most forward hanging fenders, sitting the rider far back in the saddle giving security without restriction. The flatter seat and secure cantle allow for quick, secure changes in riding position.

The Martin BTR is a sporty, light saddle offering balance, timing, and rhythm.

Classic Equine

Just For Fun

Jolene and Kerby are all about adventure. Here is some fun bits on some recent adventures…. playing basketball with the Bahamian locals, swimming with sharks, and hiking the Rocky Mountains. You know, what everyone does on vacation! We can’t wait to have them back on. As always, you can listen to the Racer’s Edge Podcast on iTunes, Google Podcasts, and Spotify.

If you haven’t already check out Jolene’s two-part series we did on a previous season of Racer’s Edge on what to look for when buying a horse!

EP:06 Taci Bettis & Jessica Wahlert | Life’s A Smash

In Episode 6 amongst all the craziness with NFR week in Las Vegas, we were so happy to catch up with our friends Jessica Wahlert and Taci Bettis! You know Taci from the 2018 RFD-TV’s The American championship, her two trips to the Thomas & Mack and her unforgettable big bay, Smash, but what you may not realize is you know Jessica from the arena as well! Jessica is the Marketing Manager at Cinch Jeans and any arena you see a Cinch banner, you can guarantee she has a hand in what is happening there. As if she wasn’t busy enough she runs a part time equine therapy business (Excellular Therapy), is a barrel racer, and is best friends with Taci Bettis….all due to a once gangly bay colt they call Bogie Is A Smash. These two are champions in and out of the arena and we are very thankful they took time out of their busy schedules to meet with us! We know everyone will take away some wisdom from this episode, as well as some laughs!

Photo Dec 19, 4 48 03 PM
Taci & Jeremy Bettis with the Wahlert family after their Round 8 win at the 2018 WNFR!


Electro-Acuscope, Myopulse, Myoscope, and Neuroscope: A microcurrent therapy system with biofeedback capabilities and automatically adjusts internally according to the level of electrical resistance it detects in the tissue. The system has both diagnostic and therapeutic functions. –Acuscope Therapy by Animal Therapy Systems

Photo Dec 19, 4 48 13 PM.jpg
Jessica prepping Smash for an Acuscope treatment!

Taci and Smash winning the 2018 RFD-TV’s The American in the $100 Dollar Green Cinch shirt after a late night ride and the magic touch of Excellular Therapy!

the american 2018-1920.jpg
Green or grey? You be the judge! 2018 RFD-TV The American Barrel Racing Champion. Photo by Impulse Photography.

 Taci’s NFR Goal: You know Taci’s goal she mentions she has for the NFR but was too superstitious to tell? We are happy to report she got the job done! We don’t want to spoil the podcast, but we will hint it took place on Round 8!

Correction: Lolo Jones (whom Hannah compared Taci to) is an Olympic hurdler and bobsledder, not a high jumper! She recently was featured in the On Her Turf podcast.

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Smash’s Regimen

Exercise & Fitness

  • Emphasis on long trotting and exercise 6 days a week for approx. 45 min
  • Minimal pattern work


Favorite Tack

Riding Gear

Horse Profiles

Bogie Is A Smash, “Smash

smash nap
Smash in Las Vegas taking his 2:00 pm daily nap.

Drift-N-Dylan, Dylan


  • Connor McGregor, fierce and competitive. Won’t ever back down!

We hope you all enjoy this episode, we know we did! Taci and Jessica are perfect examples that with hard work, a fast horse, and the right people in your corner…anything is possible! Due to the holiday season we are going to be taking a couple week break, but we can’t wait to bring you new content in 2019. We appreciate all of you tuning in week and week out and we wish you all a Merry Christmas.

-Racer’s Edge Team

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Hannah Haugen, Public Relations Coordinator


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EP 04: Sherry Cervi & Jane Fambro | Let’s Talk “Sussess”!

In this episode, we sit down to talk with barrel racers, Sherry Cervi & Jane Fambro. You’ll learn all about chickens (yes, you read that right), training barrel horses, their favorite equine products, time-management, motivation and the differences between traveling to futurities and rodeos. Along with this, you’ll be sure to get a laugh or two from a story involving the Racer’s Edge crew, Stingray and Pleasant Grove, Utah.

Sherry Cervi is a name that most should recognize. With four world titles, three average title wins at the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo and 19 WNFR qualifications in the barrel racing, Sherry has proven her value in the barrel racing industry. Along with her WNFR successes, Sherry was also the first Women’s Professional Rodeo Association member to cross the 3 million dollar mark in earnings. More recently, Sherry was inducted into the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame. Though she calls Marana, AZ home, she spends her summers at her family’s ranch in Wisconsin and recently purchased a property in Stephenville, TX.

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Jane Fambro grew up in the saddle, training her first horse in the fifth grade. In 2018, Jane was the recipient of the DISH Back in the Saddle Award at RFD-TV’s The American Semi-Finals. There is no doubt she is an all-around hand, starting her first horse bareback in a halter as a yearling and ending up with a well-trained horse in the heeling, heading, breakaway, tie-down, pole bending AND barrel racing. Luckily for the barrel racing world, Jane moved in with Ryann Pedone when she went to college and decided she would take a shot at training futurity colts by the time the second semester rolled around. Since that decision, she has gone on to train several successful barrel horses that have gone on to win with other riders, a feat of its own. Jane is a UPRA Finalist, RFDTV The American Qualifier and three-time cancer survivor. She is the strongest person, most astute Horseman and motivation for us all to be better and do better. She sets a great example of humility and hope.

Fancy Chickens

As promised in the podcast, here is the link to Business Insider’s article regarding the chicken referred to as, “The Lamborghini of Poultry.” Feel free to look up chickens in your area, however, as Jane has proven, there is no need to own a chicken to be successful in the barrel racing world.

Blackie, an Indonesian Ayam Cemani rooster and part time poultry model.


Both Sherry and Jane will agree that there is great pride involved when someone else is able to win on a horse that you have trained. Along with this, if they had to choose between training and competing at futurities or rodeos, both would choose the rodeo path. Sherry and Jane both believe that ranching on horses at a young age teaches them where to place their feet and prepares them for pressure, resulting in a horse that can handle rodeo ground and atmosphere.

Jane believes it is important to have patience and use repetition when training a horse regardless of where the horse will be competing.

Sherry has full intentions of going the futurity route with her young horses, but every year she seems to get busy and ends up with horses that are not quite ready to hit the futurity road. Though some may try to rush those horses to get them prepared last-minute, Sherry chooses to take her time and have patience in order to achieve the end goal of having a solid rodeo horse.



  • not a detail-oriented person,
  • used treatment time to sit down and set goals,
  • journals everything she does on each horse in a day,
  • believes that in order to be successful you need to use your entire day and plan your time if you can

“People think that success is based on talent. Success is based on principles. If you master the principles and execute them every day, you will be successful.” – Tyson Durfey

“If you’re dumb, you better be tough.” – Jane Quote


  • Writes motivational quotes in her planner
  • Has sticky notes with positive quotes placed in her home and trailer
  • Plans can change 100X in a day when you’re rodeoing so you have to be prepared for that
  • If you haven’t been somewhere or done something, ask for help from someone who has
  • If you are prepared to the best of your ability you have a better chance at success

Favorite Quote: “Go the extra mile, it’s never crowded.”


Hannah’s Planning Resources

Erin Condren Life Planners

  • For planning & writing out everything! Customized for you with fun quotes, room to write down anything, and fun stickers.

  • We are by no means affiliated with Erin Condren or being paid by them, but here is a referral link to a discount.

Cozi App

  • Cozi is a shared calendar great for keeping up with appointments or anything going on and lets you assign a specific person to it. Every person has their individual color, truly a Type A personality person’s dream. 🙂

Jenna Kutcher Goal Digger Podcast

  • 5 Ways to Outsource Your Life
  • Great tips on things to do to allow yourself more time in the day to get done what is important- ex. riding horses and barrel racing!


Spotted Diamond – “Annie”

Guys Cash Task – “King”

  • Bought with her husband, Cameron, as the first horse they would keep
  • Cameron said King was Jane’s engagement ring
  • Won his third amateur rodeo – was more of a rodeo horse than futurity horse
  • Loved the energy and crowds at rodeos
  • Was a natural at staying focused
  • First year rodeoing with him he made the UPRA and CPRA finals
  • 2016 UPRA Barrel Horse of the Year
  • 2017 CPRA Barrel Horse of the Year
  • Unfortunately, The Fambros lost King in 2017, but he will always be remembered
Jane competing on her great, late horse “King” in Loveland, CO

Classic Frenchman – “Frank” 

NF Frostys Rudy- “Rudy”

  • Newest member of the team and proving he is a force to be reckoned with!


MP Meter My Hay – “Stingray”

  • Has qualified and made countless runs at the WNFR
  • Not just a barrel horse, you can rope on her too (2017 BFI)
  • More info on Stingray HERE (We think Stingray should have her own book)
  • Stingray at The Calgary Stampede
  • Stingray and Sherry taking their victory lap at Ellensburg, WA

MP Jet Royal Money – “Bernice”

  • Full Sister to Stingray
  • 8 years old
  • Gritty, fun, confident in herself
  • Larger build than Stingray
  • Sent to Dena Kirkpatrick as a four year old for training, found a bone chip in her ankle and spent her five year old year recovering
  • First jackpot Sherry entered on Bernice she had no exhibitions and was in the 1D
  • Has a rounder running style than Stingray and runs to the left barrel first
    Bernice Matisse & DelRay resting on the road!

MP Del Ray – “DelRay”

  • Full Sibling to Stingray & Bernice
  • Awesome in the pattern but is insecure & gets “buddied up” to other horses

MP Ray of Fame – “Money May”

  • Three year old (2015 mare)
  • Dash Ta Fame X MP Meter My Hay (Full sibling to Feel The Sting)
  • Is the first Dash Ta Fame Sherry has rode from the ground up (raised, trained, & will eventually compete on)
  • Should mature to be larger than Stingray
  • Very smart
  • Sherry hopes to have ready to compete for five year old futurity year

    Stingray & Money May, like mother like daughter.


Sherry – “BERNICE”

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Jane – “ANNIE”

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  • Not a girly-girl, One of the boys
  • Would be good at sports and play them all
  • Guys like her & would pick her to play on their team
  • Cleans up well, runway ready at night


  • “Odd Duck”
  • Temperamental and has weird quirks
  • Lean & Tall
  • If she were a person, she would be a European Soccer Player
  • Needs weekly therapy sessions
  • Has flop ears so she looks chill but she isn’t


Episode 04 is now available on iTunes, Spotify, and Google Podcasts! As always thank you so much for tuning in, and if you enjoy what you’re listening to leave us a rating or review!


From RIDE TV :

Popular barrel racing series “Racer’s Edge” releases new season on RIDE TV

Tuesday, October 30th, FORT WORTH, TXRide Television Network, Inc. (RIDE TV) is excited to announce that the great barrel racing series Racer’s Edge will be coming to RIDE TV with a brand new season.

“We are so excited to add to our great line up of barrel racing content with Racer’s Edge,” said Craig Morris, RIDE TV President. “It’s the perfect complement to our barrel racing competition coverage that we have coming in 2019.”

Racer’s Edge is a lifestyle variety show that features a unique insight to barrel racers whose lives revolve around their love of barrel racing through rare moments and conversations with professionals and influencers across the industry.


“The Racer’s Edge team is so excited to offer this great series on RIDE TV,” said Jeye Johnson, Producer of Racer’s Edge. “RIDE TV is truly dedicated to their passionate equestrian audience, especially the barrel racers of the world. We are thrilled to be a part of the great barrel racing lineup on RIDE TV.”

Racer’s Edge will premiere on RIDE TV on January 15, 2019. To see where RIDE TV is available near you, visit www.RIDETV.com/Watch.

About Ride Television Network Inc.

RIDE TV is a privately held corporation based in Fort Worth, Texas. The company was formed in 2011 for the purpose of launching a 24-hour, high definition, television network dedicated to featuring equestrian sports and lifestyle content. RIDE TV launched in October 2014 and is available in the United States, Asia, Latin America and Canada. For more information, visit www.RIDETV.com.

About Racer’s Edge

Racer’s Edge is a lifestyle variety show, giving viewers a unique insight to barrel racers whose lives revolve around their love of running horses and barrel racing by sharing rare moments and conversations with professionals and influencers across the industry. Barrel racing isn’t just a sport – it’s choosing to live a life a way full of passion, dedication and emotion and it’s our job to share these moments.

RIDE TV Contact:
Amanda Morris, Director of Marketing and Public Relations

Racer’s Edge Contact:
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EP 03: Hailey Kinsel | Navigating Success & Greater Purpose

In this Racer’s Edge podcast episode, we visit with barrel racing sensation, Hailey Kinsel, about rodeo, training horses and the “We Can Help” campaign. We learn something new every time we have the opportunity to speak with Hailey, and we hope everyone at home enjoys this episode as much as we do!

Episode 03 can be found on iTunes, Spotify, and Google Podcasts!

About Hailey

Hailey Kinsel has recently been referred to as “Barrel Racing’s Girl on Fire” and for good reason. In 2017 alone, Kinsel and her well-known equine partner, DM Sissy Hayday a.k.a “Sister” won the RFDTV American, the College National Finals Rodeo and qualified for the National Finals Rodeo where they set the new arena-record not once, but twice. This year, Kinsel has continued her success, winning San Antonio, the Days of ’47  in Salt Lake City, Utah, The Calgary Stampede and qualifying for the NFR in the coveted season leader position. On top of her success inside of the arena, Kinsel has also made it a goal to give back to those around her by founding the “We Can Help” campaign which you can learn more about below.

Hailey Kinsel running Sister at Calgary.
Hailey and Sister running at the Calgary Stampede. Photo by Covy Moore.


DM Sissy Hayday “Sister”

2011 Mare

Thunder Stones “TJ”

2004 Gelding

  • Both Hailey and her mom, Leslie, filled their WPRA Permits riding TJ
  • Purchased by Kinsel’s when he was 10 years old
  • Placed at Circle, Dillon, Evanston and Billings, MT, Stephenville, TX, Rock Springs, WY, and other rodeos.
  • Won Preston, ID


This year, Kinsel had the goal to be more efficient and make every run count better than it did in 2017. In order to do this, she had to decide which horse to run where, which rodeos to enter and which rodeos to skip. Factors Kinsel used to make this decision included ground conditions, added money, which horse the arena suits, the overall atmosphere, and if you could ride in the arena prior to the rodeo or not.

When it comes to training horses, many people are quick to throw in the towel. However, Hailey and Leslie have a goal of helping every horse reach it’s full potential. As a general rule of thumb, each horse they invest in spends 18-22 months in their program before any decisions are made.

Hailey and Leslie Kinsel at the 2017 NFR.

Sis & TJ’s Favorite Products

Classic Equine

Martin Saddlery


Feeding Program

  • Purina Strategy with Outlast Supplement (AM & PM)
  • Free-choice coastal hay
  • Alfalfa hay or cubes depending on availability

Exercise Program

  • Exercise is planned around performance schedule
  • Every horse gets a “gallop” day and a “walk/trot” day
  • On gallop days, horses are sprinted or breezed to build lung capacity
  • Walk/Trot days are used as recovery days
  • Walking teaches your horse to relax in a comfortable, natural position while lightly stretching their muscles. This can also play a huge role in injury prevention.

Hailey’s Childhood Idols

Last Year

  • No plans to make the NFR
  • Very cautious
  • Sister was young & inexperienced
  • Goal was to make the circuit finals

This Year

  • Planned to capitalize at winter rodeos so they could be selective the rest of the year
  • Got to stay home most of the spring and summer
  • Went north on the Fourth of July
  • Competed at 3 rodeos in August/September

Thoughts Heading Into the NFR

“It is so much nicer knowing what I’m going into” – Hailey

  • Planning for better scheduling this year in order to spend more time with the horses
  • The goal is to keep things smooth and correct which will hopefully result in winning runs
Hailey Kinsel running Sister at the 2017 NFR. Photo by Impulse Photography


Alex’s Lemonade Stand – Lakin Cunningham

Mississippi Mutts – Abbi Roark

Rusty’s MorningStar Ranch – Kaylee Barker

Jason’s Evergiving Heart – Jordyn Nelson

Grace Loncar Foundation – Emery Mask

JEYE QUOTE: “To whom much is given, much is expected.” Luke 12:48

STEWARDSHIP defined the conducting, supervising, or managing of something. especially the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care

Horse Profiles


  • Favorite Song: Champion by Carrie Underwood
  • In human form: Carrie Underwood
    • Better legs, better hair, good at what she does, slightly cocky, confident and calm 🙂


  • Favorite Song: *No song, just a really loud medley of a lot of songs that don’t go together
  • In human form: Changes every day – Sean Connery, Tom Cruise, Tom & Jerry
    • Quirky, many personalities

Take Home Quotes:

“You take care of what is yours and you don’t just take care of it at a minimum, you do your best by it. Because if you do your best by it, it’s gonna produce more for you in the long run.”

“They all deserve the absolute best because if you don’t give them that then they cannot give you their best.”

– Hailey

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Racer’s Edge Podcast EP 01: Embracing Change

In this Racer’s Edge podcast episode, Embracing Change, we visit with special guest and host, Dena Kirkpatrick, to discuss the history of Racer’s Edge and our long-time working relationship. You will learn about some of our personal experiences with riding and training horses as well as our favorite equine products and motivational quotes.


Conversation Fact Check

  • The first episode of Racer’s Edge aired in January 2014.
  • Dena Kirkpatrick: One Smooth Motion pairs with DenaOneSmoothMotion YouTube videos to share the mental and physical aspects in regards to training a barrel horse.
  • In 2007, Jeye worked with Horsecity.comTV to create what they refer to as “Meet the Girl” videos that aired on Horsecity’s show on RFD-TV, which you can now find here.
  • Racer’s Edge will be reformatting to a one-hour special on Ride TV in 2019.
  • Barrel futurity races date back to the early 1970’s, the Barrel Futurities of America was formed on September 22, 1983 with the help of Florence Youree, Pat Hutter, and Sue Sistruck.
  • The divisional 4D barrel races were formed in 1992 by the National Barrel Horse Association.
  • Correction to Dena’s story- she first attended the first NBHA finals in Augusta, GA not Atlanta, GA. Augusta still hosts the finals today.
  • RFDTV The American
  • World Champion Rodeo Alliance (WCRA)

Dena’s Favorite Quotes:

“At some point, everything’s gonna go south on you and you’re going to say, this is it. This is how I end. Now you can either accept that, or you can get to work. That’s all it is. You just begin. You do the math. You solve one problem and you solve the next one, and then the next. And If you solve enough problems, you get to come home.”

The Martian with Matt Damon

“I’ve missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. Twenty six times I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”

– Michael Jordan


Kate’s Always First

Dena’s Super Mare

Dena and “Kate” at the 2016 Rodeo Houston

Kate’s Favorites

Saddle Pad Suede Top Zone Saddle Pad
Protective Boots Legacy2

Polo Wraps

Mentioned by Jeye: Legacy Tall Hind Boot

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

RE Crew’s Horse Profiles

MP Call Me Corvinus aka “Corvin”
Human: Jeye Johnson

Song: It’s a Great Day to Be Alive by Travis Tritt

Corv likes to take it easy, he doesn’t like to over think or over exert. Thinks it’s a “goofy thing but hey-he’s doing alright”.

Corv’s theme song? It’s a Great Day to Be Alive by Travis Tritt

Easters Sweet Note aka “Annie”
Human: Hannah Haugen
Song: No Scrubs by TLC

Annie is a hard worker and selective with affirmations of love, does not thrive on human contact.

Hannah Body Shots-0166
Annie’s theme song- No Scrubs by TLC

Kate Always First aka Kate
Human: Dena Kirkpatrick

Song: I’m Going to Live Forever by Irene Cara

Kate is not too feminine, slightly intimidating, yet eloquent. A total stand out most likely out hanging with the boys.


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Season Three | Thrice as Nice

It’s our favorite time of year! The weather is warm, the sun shines longer, our schedules are filled with barrel races… and we have a brand new season of Racer’s Edge to share!

Our theme for this season is moments in the sport. Barrel racing in its entirety is a journey. A journey filled with peaks and valleys; moments of early morning drives watching the sun come up while traveling hundreds or even thousands of miles for the next run. We, ourselves, have been traveling the country to some of the best events, visiting with great competitors, professionals, and entrepreneurs dedicated to the barrel racing world.

Show Thumbnail_30
The grand entry at the Sherry Cervi Youth Championships

Our season premiere features the first Sherry Cervi Youth Championship barrel race held in Marana, Arizona. After eight consecutive West Coast Youth Championship Races in Ceres, California, Sherry wanted to bring a race to her hometown, where it all began. The turnout for Marana’s first race was outstanding with over 360 junior and senior division competitors. We were able to visit with some up and coming cowgirls and the special horses they ride! The weather and ground were great and we look forward to see what this event has in store for its future.

Show Thumbnail_10
Sherry Cervi posing with an excited junior division contestant in Marana, Arizona

One of our journeys took us back to Oklahoma City and what turned into a VERY eventful Better Barrel Races World Finals. We spend some time with Sarah Moylan, a rising entrepreneur, whose roots started in junior rodeo and barrel racing, but is now focused on changing women’s lives after realizing her own problems were all too common. We rode with 2017 RodeoHouston and Diamonds and Dirt Slot Race Champion, Kassie Mowry. We were given unique insight into her breeding and training program, with commentary on why she loves to compete in the highest pressure situations.

Kassie Mowry getting a mare and foal checked at Brazos Valley Equine Hospital


Sara Moylan getting a 6am workout in before taking the kids to school and heading to SheFit Apparel’s office.

Racer’s Edge also stopped by a historic feed elevator in the small town of Morrice, Michigan which happens to be the home of Oxy-Gen products; makers of popular pre-race pastes and pellets like Focus and Oxy Max. Their employees work together as a close-knit family whose dedication to quality begins just up the road where they farm and harvest all the base ingredients in their supplements.

Troy Parmalee, the mill’s manager at Oxy-Gen seeds a variety of base ingredients for the 2017 crop season

Our passion is barrel racing and we believe barrel racing isn’t just a sport; it’s choosing to live a life full of moments both inside and outside the arena. It’s our job to share these moments. Sometimes there are occasions of defeat, only to be outweighed with moments of triumph, realizing how far you have come, and how far there is to go. Season Three is shaping up to raise the bar of all our previous seasons. We hope you join us Wednesdays on RFD-TV at 8:00 PM & 12:00AM Eastern.